About SPM

SPM Composites and Advanced Material Technologies Inc. was founded in 2013 as a prepreg developer and manufacturer. SPM has the capacity to produce 500.000 sqm woven, multyaxial and noncrimp thermoset prepregs from carbon, glass and aramid materials. Formulated prepreg resin systems provide high surface quality, high mechanical performance, high UV resistance and variable cure schedules up to 10 mins (hot press). SPM offers prepregs for autoclave, out of autolave and hot press curing with extensive reinforcement options.

Prepregs are supplied mainly for automotive, marine, sports equipment, medical and accessories industries. The main objective of the company is to reach %100 customer satisfaction, with the capability to offer custom prepreg solutions for special customer needs, competitive pricing, short delivery times, flexible quantities and high quality in a corporate culture based on R&D and continuous improvement.

“We believe every unique project demand unique solutions. So we draw from an extensive toolbox of adaptable techniques and methodologies to best address your specific challenge, corporate culture, budget, timing and desired result.”